Party Poker Tournament Leader Boards

Party Poker Tournament Leader Boards

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Party Poker Tournament Leader Boards Overview

With the Tournament Leader Boards, Party Poker players have an effective motivation to bring out their ‘A’ game. Based on how often and how well players perform in tournaments, they will earn certain amount of Tournament Leader Board Points. The Tournament Leader Boards show who has been performing well on the tables. This gives players the chance to prove that they’ve got real poker skills. Party Poker provides four leader boards. Half of it is allotted for keeping track of the weekly leader board while the other two leader boards keeps track in a monthly basis. Both weekly and monthly leader boards have one board each for Sit & Go and multi-table tournaments. The players can easily know their ranking by checking their Party Account page.

Aside from the opportunity to show off their talents and claim that they are the best, the Party Poker’s Tournament Leader Boards give away cash prizes. With $30,000 as the total prize pool given away monthly, there is without a doubt that every player will take this promotion seriously.

An enticing $500 will be given to the player who ranked first in the Sit & Go Weekly Leader Board. The same handsome amount will be given to the first placer of the Multi-table Weekly Leader Board. The prizes are much bigger in the monthly leader boards. In the Multi-table Monthly Leader Board, a player can earn as much as $2,000. On the other hand, the top player in the Sit & Go Monthly Leader Board can take home a whopping $2,500. A total of 200 players will be rewarded accordingly with cash every month.

How is your place on the leader boards determined?

A leader board points system is used. These leader board points are different from Party Points.

Party Poker uses a special formula to determine how much leader board points a player earns for a particular tournament played. It is the sum of the square root of half the buy-in amount and the square root of the total winnings (√Buy-in/2 + √wins). With this formula, Party Poker takes into account both the level of the tournament and the performance of the player.

For example, if a player wins $50 from a tournament with a buy-in of $10, he earns a total of 8.65 points. It is important to take note that the ‘buy-in’ does not include any tournament fees. It only refers to the amount that is contributed to the prize pool.

Only the leader board points earned within 00:00 Eastern Time of Monday until 23:59 ET of Sunday will be included in the Weekly Leader Boards. Similarly, only the points earned during 00:00 ET of the 1st day of the month until 23:59 ET of the last day will be taken into account for the Monthly Leader Boards. Points are not carried forward or transferable. However, points will apply to both the weekly and monthly leader boards. Lastly, freeroll tournaments will not be counted in the leader boards.