Party Poker Rewards Program

Party Poker Rewards Program

Party Poker Bonus Code:  BESTPARTY

Party Poker Bonus:  100% up to $/£/€500

$16,000 Rake Chase and up to 40% Rakeback

Bonus Code Never Expires

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Party Points Overview

Party Poker is proud to present their rewards program. With this promotion, players get rewards every single time they play with real money in They call this reward ‘Party Points’. And the system is as simple as ever!

What can you do with Party Points?

Party Poker provides their players with different ways to spend their Party Points. The rewarded points can be of great value in the Party Poker store. From this store, a wide range of exceptional merchandises is available to the Party Poker player. Not to mention that these great items can be enjoyed at very reasonable prices. Aside from purchasing Party Poker merchandises from the store, poker players can use their Party Points to purchase entry sits for big-money tournaments.  This entitles them with a chance to turn their Party Points into handsome profits. Also, these points can be exchanged for gift certificates and even for lump sum cash. A player can cash out as much as $15,000 with their collected Party Points. What are even more appealing are the bonuses that can be bought with Party Points. These bonuses allow players to gain more from their earned points.

What are Party Points Key Levels?

As players earn points, they reach a certain key level. With more Party Points collected, a player can be placed in higher key levels. These levels range from Bronze to Palladium Elite. Players with higher key levels are offered better ways to use their Party Points and more unlocked rewards. For instance, with the highest key level, the Palladium Elite, a player can purchase bonuses that give back up to 40% rake or $20 per 100 Party Points.

Automatically, a player is placed in the Bronze Key Level. However, to advance to a higher key level, he or she must earn a certain amount of points in a span of time. 400 Party Points must be earned within a month to be placed in the Silver Key Level. A thousand points is required in a month for the Gold Key Level. To earn the Palladium Key Level, the player must collect 9,000 Party Points within a calendar quarter. On the other hand, to reach the highest level, the Palladium Elite, 50,000 points must be earned within a calendar quarter. Once placed in a particular Key Level, the player can enjoy the rewards offered by that key level for the remainder of the month and the one following it. Similar to reaching the level, the required Party Points must be earned in the following month or quarter to stay in a key level.

How to earn Party Points?

Every player earns Party Points just by playing with real money in As an example, for each 50 cents paid in tournament entry fees, one Party Point is awarded while 10 Party Points is given for every 25 raked hands played in one of the $1/$2 no-limit Texas Hold’em tables. However, points are not awarded for playing in real money private tables.